Vegan Vegetarian Training

Castle Gym has devised a regime to build up and train vegetarians and vegans to gain muscle.

Gym has devised a regime to build up and train vegetarians to gain muscle. It is easy for people who eat animal proteins such as beef, fish, dairy products and chicken to get bigger. Gym has created a power packed vegan diet schedule which when supplemented with the right type of protein shakes and exercise regime can help people of all ages, irrespective of their age start becoming fit and healthy.

You’ve tried to get fit, but have never stuck with your diets. Maybe you tried the ‘3 square meal a day diet’ that everyone is raving about, maybe you even tried the new ‘4 square meals a day’ diet for extra credit, or the ‘2 meals a day and a dessert a day diet’. There is no doubt in my mind that these diets will get you shredded, but won’t let you build up any muscle – therefore defeating their purpose. Here is some advice from a personal trainer called Donny Macfadyen who has devised his system of building up and training vegetarians and vegans to gain muscle.

Hey vegetarians and vegans, it’s your lucky day. I’m going to tell you how to build muscle in this Castle Gym article. It is certain that you are here to read about how you can build muscles even though you are a vegetarian or vegan. Now first of all, I want to say that I am not against veganism and vegetarianism. But what we are here for is to build muscles for real men don’t abuse the animals like this.

Gym Inc. has planned a team building tournament and they have narrowed the list of candidates down to 5. They all have similar experience, same age and body mass index, but what makes each of them different is their training habits or ‘lifestyles’ as Gary calls them:

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