test page – Castle Gym Nottingham

Ian Batterbee

Been training here regularly at 6am for over a year now. Good atmosphere, good bunch of guys and beats any of the previous gyms I’ve been to. Has everything needed.

Laura Riddoch

Really welcoming staff, a large variety of proper old school equipment and a very cute dog 🐶 best gym in Nottingham!

Seb Mathewson

Best gym in Nottingham! Great atmosphere and great staff

Sarah Chan

Best gym to train at with everything there you need! The range of equipment and atmosphere is perfect! The staff are very helpful and friendly – plus there’s an amazing dog who can always put a smile on your face throughout your workout! Definitely recommend!


Definitely the best gym in Nottingham. Great range of equipment, friendly, helpful staff and a great environment.

Ashley Edwards

Has to be the best gym ive trained at in Nottingham. Great atmosphere, helpful staff and a massive variety of weights and machines

Bobby Parker

Best gym in Nottingham. Equipment, staff, guests & dog – all top notch.


Great gym, great equipment and atmosphere. The new studio and classes are amazing too! Love training here.

sebastian wilkins

Best place in Nottingham if you’re looking for a training spot. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great friendly people always looking to help you out.

Andre Matarazzo

Incredible hardcore gym. Great equipment. Affordable. The nicest owner at the door greeting you in. Wish there was one like this in every city.

Jillian Coxall

Amazing friendly gym with a gym dog! What more could you want from a gym!

Sans Barber

Best old school gym in Nottingham. Very loyal friendly staffs .

Baban Babani

Top gym. Friendly and welcoming. The place has everything you need to train. Must go and try out you wont train anywhere again after.

Hasan Slemany

Best place to workout in Nottingham. lovely staff excellent customer service.

Elliott Holt

Brilliant gym, lots of equipment, friendly atmosphere and brilliant staff.

Dara Mojtahedi

Quality gym and good friendly atmosphere. Has everything you need!

Nick Foreman

Simply the best. Hardcore no nonsense get the job done get out gym. Long live castle gym.

Dave G

Proper hardcore bodybuilding gym, good bunchnof lads and girls train there. No messing about

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