Studio Classes

Castle Gym Studio Classes offer some of the best classes in Nottingham. Using the finest Mirafit gym equipment to train you in the studio. Castle Gym offer the best body pump sessions, weight training and other studio classes.

Castle Gym has teamed up with Mirafit to offer a large selection of high quality gym equipment. Our classes use the same equipment as our machines. Whether you are looking for a great way to spend your time or looking to change your body, Castle Gym also offers some of the best personal training in Nottingham. Our staff will ensure you get the results you want, whether it be more strength or endurance with each session. Castle Gym offers Body Pump which is a weight training class and Pilates. Pilate’s is an exercise class that focuses on core stability among other things.

Castle Gym is a state of the art training studio with 11,000 square feet that offers a wide range of body pump sessions, weight training and other class options. Castle Gym is located at 735 London Road in Nottingham city centre and was launched by Chris Taylor who grew up in Beeston and went to school near the area. The gym has over 60 pieces of equipment which includes multiple Nautilus machines, plate loaded systems, free weights and functional training equipment from Mirafit.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, develop your core, or just train to perfect your gymnastic skills, the fantastic Mirafit equipment at Castle Gym will help you achieve that. Their instructors are second to none and can help any level of fitness including beginner fitness fans. Practice everything from high knees to press ups and stretches from every position. From people that work in town that don’t have time for a gym membership, to professionals training for the upcoming summer Olympics, Castle Gym have a class for everyone. And if it’s your first time at their gym then don’t worry; they always offer a free taster class for new members! Join the Castle Gym Studio classes today.

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