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Why would you choose Personal Training?

Have you tried to get in shape before and failed to see results?

Do you go to the gym already and struggle to know what you should be doing?

Are you completely confused by all of the conflicting advice on social media?

Do you lack motivation and feel like you need guidance and support?

Do you want to achieve results but don’t have the time or desire to learn how to do it yourself?

Our personal trainers are highly experienced in weight loss, fat loss (for men and women), health improvements, strength training and fitness improvements.

What can you expect with 1-2-1 Personal Training

Free Consultation

1-2-1 training

Group Training

You will learn how to manage your lifestyle to overcome time restraints and work commitments to exercise, eat better, and recover more.

We will book your personal training sessions around you to suit your needs. All we ask is you match the effort our team put in to help you to get the best results you want.

We have helped 100’s of clients just like you with 1-to-1 personal training to get results they want. We have helped professional athletes through to ordinary people with busy home & work schedules who want to achieve extraordinary things but don’t know how?

Could You Benefit From Personal Training?

The short answer is YES – everyone can benefit from personal training. It’s ideal for people who may be struggling to get motivated, confused about what to do in the gym, unsure about healthy eating, suffering from injury, struggling to get results, or preparing for a specific event.

Personal training is about providing industry expertise and focus on you and your goals as well as helping you to achieve them efficiently and effectively.

Expertise & Experience

A good trainer has a current knowledge of the most effective, results based exercise and nutritional strategies and experience of getting those results with real people. They will have the ability to develop a bespoke fitness and nutritional strategy that will meet your needs.

Motivation & Inspiration

Having knowledge of how to get results is one thing, having good communication skills, emotional empathy and being able to lead people to success is another. Personal training is about adapting styles and coaching methods to suit you – helping you to overcome personal hurdles as well as inspiring you to change. The whole process is effective and enjoyable.

Education & Independence

Learning about health, performance and how to change them is the ultimate goal of personal training. You will be given the knowledge and tools you need to live the life you want to live.

What makes a good Personal Trainer?

In my opinion, a good personal trainer is an educator as well as a motivator. It is my responsibility to share information about the most effective methods to help you get the results you desire. I’ll educate you on the myths, the marketing and most importantly the truth about what really works and what is right for you.

Feeling comfortable, having the right equipment and being able to train efficiently are also important aspects. I train clients in the Original Movement studio close to the center of Nottingham. The studio contains everything we need – covering all types of training and catering for all types of goals. The studio is set in a tranquil location with plenty of natural light and even has an outdoor area overlooking the river.

Who We work with

Age, gender, type goals etc etc. Show wide range of people.

Prepare yourself for great things ahead, by working with a personal trainer from Fitter Nottingham you can expect to achieve exceptional results. Whether that is for weight-loss/ fat loss, a transformation program for an upcoming event, or working towards improving your general quality of life and overall health and wellbeing.

It is not the latest fat loss fad or diet program. Instead, we use key and effective nutritional and training protocols that will be best suited to you.

Working through phases of a lifestyle program that will guide you to success Whether you want to lose body fat, improve muscle tone, increase muscle mass, or generally increase your health and wellbeing you are guaranteed to achieve exceptional results with us.

The 1-2-1 personal training program provides learning, mentorship and support.

We understand that everyone is individual, and this means you will not only have different goals but different body types and different work/life commitments. We take all this into consideration when developing your individualised personal training and nutrition plans. All of which will be entirely bespoke to suit you and your lifestyle.


Ready to wear what you want, turn heads everywhere you go and love what you see every time you look in a mirror?

Everyone has an image of their perfect body. But, it can seem like an impossible dream that will never happen. Especially with only a vague idea of where to start and which fitness programmes will actually help you achieve it.

We’re here to help you get your perfect body. So, whether you need help shedding the last couple of pounds, build stand-out muscles or simply feel better in yourself, we’ll help get you there.


A personal trainer doesn’t just tell you what to do at a gym.

We’re here to help you change your life.

We use a unique combination of exercise, including weight training, cardio and flexibility strengthening, along with nutritional and lifestyle changes. Altogether, you’ll be left with a plan that not only helps you achieve your dream body, but gives you more energy for a longer, and fuller life.

With a personal trainer, you’ll never be doing this alone. We’ll always be there to give you a helping hand every step of the way and ensure that you don’t give up just before the results come in.