Castle Gym Facilities

Castle Gym has almost every type of resistance apparatus to help you achieve your goals. The gym is split up into two large rooms. The ‘Fitness’ room and the ‘Heavy’ room. We have the most extensive range of free weights in Nottingham city centre, plus separate male and female changing rooms and showers. We also stock a range of pre-workout stimulant drinks and protein recovery drinks. Our facilities give you all you need to hit your goals.

The New Fitness Room

Castle Gym Nottingham now offer a new cardio room upstairs. This room has a wide range of cardiovascular equipment; including several exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, cross-trainers and steppers. The fitness room also has a wide range of dumbbells, punch bags, benches and resistance equipment.

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Room 1

This room includes a wide variety of both plate loaded and stack loaded resistance equipment. The heavy room also contains tonnes of barbells, Olympic bars, plates and dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 70kg.

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Room 2

The second room consists of some new weight loaded equipment with rubber weights. Also boating a range of cables, leg machines and more free weights, there’s plenty of equipment for everybody’s workouts!

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Join today and earn up to £30 to spend in our new shop. We stock lots of brands including NRG Fuel, USN and Optimum Nutrition. If you have any questions feel free to call us on 0115 947 0319, or contact us on our Facebook group! We offer both cash and direct debit memberships.