About Us – Castle Gym Nottingham

Hardcore BUT Clean

Established in 1981 – Castle Gym is now Nottingham’s oldest and premier Hardcore Gym. We welcome people from all walks of life and abilities. From professional bodybuilders to people training for the very first time. With a passion and history second to none, help and advice is always on hand. We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere whilst
maintaining the authentic hardcore feel lost in every single budget gym today. Home now to CASTLE STUDIO, second to none in the whole of the midlands. The brand- new state of the art, air-conditioned room boasts an array of classes every single week.

Friendly BUT Serious

I have owned Castle Gym now for several years now. My number one goal was to create a new environment inclusive to all walks of life. Being a place to tick any of the numerous induvial reasons why a person needs a gym: to smash goals, relieve stress, improve yourself mentally and physically or even just to socialise. Castle Gym is so much more than a Gym. It’s been the heart of Nottingham for over 40 years. Its community spirit is easily seen as its sewn into Castle Gyms core. With people from not only all over Nottingham attending but all over the world.

Castle Gym is a home from home for anyone, on the road for work, traveling to the city or just to experience a new place to work out. With its flexible memberships and welcoming atmosphere, it’s so easy to arrive at Castle Gym and instantly fall in love with the place. Showing that it’s not about big profits and making money, Castle Gym pride ourselves on being for the members. You are definitely not just a number like all if not most corporate and budget gyms.

Over the ages castle gym has been seen as a very spit and sawdust gym, very hardcore and targeting just the male side of fitness training. Now in this current modern age Castle Gym has adopted such a new mind set when it comes to the 21st century training whilst still maintaining its valves and heritage.

Independent BUT a Community

Hi, My name is Milo and I’m a Rottweiler. I’m nearly 6 years old and I’ve worked at Caste Gym most of my life. I’m very well behaved, smell nice and most importantly never bite. My main aim in life is to have as much fun and play time as possible. I enjoy showing every single person I see love and affection. You will generally see me chilling around the gym floor. Please feel free to pop over and give me as many strokes as possible. My favourite place is behind my ears, it feels amazing.

Please also feel free to bring me bones and treats or at the very least give me your empty water bottle to play with. Do realise I like sitting on people’s feet but it’s not because I’m not trained it’s just because I probably like you. Just remember you can have as much or as little contact with me as you like. You don’t have to say hello if you’re not a massive dog person.

I won’t take offence, will just mean more nap time for me. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Hi Everyone, it’s the “Old Man” here Ray. This August 2020 will be the start of the 38th year at Castle Gym (THE BEST GYM) and what an adventure it has been so far…

I left school and my Auntie persuaded me to train at Castle Gym because I was so small and “weedy”. After a few months I began to work on a Saturday and then on a YTS for £25 a week, which raised to £27.50 after 10 weeks and the rest is history…

Many people ask me what Castle Gym was like in the old days. It’s hard to describe as its many years ago. Without photos it’s even harder but I will try my best. Reception was an old school desk, small house fridge with glass bottles of milk and cartoned orange juice from the milkman. Supplements were milk and egg powder, kelp, alsalsa, liver capsules and the music came from a small portable radio.
Gym Equipment, 1 Olympic bar for bench press only, squat bar was a 1 inch thick bar, 8 foot long and bent to hell! Most of the machines were plate loaded, even the leg extension/curls, the bar to add weights was at the ends of the pads. the dumbbells consisted of all the plates that were not being used. I hope you can picture how Castle Gym was and how Castle Gym has grown over the decades.

A few years ago, Big Luke bought Castle Gym! He has spent a lot of time and money to make Castle Gym even greater with: An amazing new fitness studio, new cardio room, bumper weights with deadlift platform, back machines, shoulder machines, leg machines, benches, kettlebells, battle ropes and new changing rooms. I would like to thank all the 1000s of members over the years who have walked down the famous stairs to Castle Gym and I am looking forward to seeing all the new members.

I failed my English O-level many years ago so I apologise for the content and grammar but I tried my best, which I believe is so important in life to succeed.