2015 Mega Sale Castle Gym Nottingham

The 2015 mega sale is here at Castle Nutrition. Take advantage today on great brands such as NRG Fuel, PHD Nutrition, Gold Standard Nutrition and much more!

Weight Loss Stack Saving you £37.98 

Our NRG Fuel and PHD Nutrition weight loss stack is perfect for your January weight loss goals.

thermofuel-4233460Thermofuel by NRG is their number one fat burner. The key ingredients in NRGFUEL THERMOFUEL will rev up your metabolic rate, and maintain focus during workouts.

WARNING: Not intended for persons under 18 years of age. Keep out of the reach of children. This product is a potent effective fat burner recommended for weight loss.

diet-whey-4416090Diet Whey by PHD Nutrition is one of the industry leading, high protein, low sugar, diet and slimming formulas for weight control.

The product contains a range of added ingredients that are often used on their own as weight loss aids in a range of stores. Diet Whey is great for men and women following a weight loss plan, who are looking to burn body fat and improve body composition.

RRP Prices

Thermofuel has an RRP at £39.99, as you can see here at their official store, while Diet Whey has an RRP of £37.99, as seen on their website here.

Our offer!

Buy Thermofuel and Diet Whey this January for just £50! Saving you £37.98 on your order.

2.5 KG of Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts

gold-standard-chicken-offer-2367650Gold Standard Nutrition is a growing brand in sports nutrition, providing customers with unique products aimed at sports enthusiasts, athletes and casual gym users. The products they offer aid to increase performance whilst reducing recovery rates. Packing high levels of protein and BCAA’s, their chicken fillets taste great, and are steam cooked. Simply defrost and eat cold, or microwave whenever you like. Buy a pack today for just £20!

3 FOR £10 on all Walden Farms Sauces

Go ahead and enjoy the delicious treat of tangy BBQ sauce and still eat healthy, “The Walden Way.” Switch from sugary BBQ sauce that can easily add hundreds of calories and treat yourself to Walden FarmsCalorie Free BBQ Sauces. No calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind. Mix and match anything from peanut butter, BBQ sauce or Blueberry spread, and only pay £10!


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